Skull Squadron Base Set

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From the guy who brought to you DSA Retro, the most original and geeky keyboard keysets money can buy. Other Designs by Team Lead
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Please Note:
If you purchase this deal you will only be charged the final group price, when the deal expires, and only if it reaches the tipping point (MOQ).

Unique set inspired by the colors of the Skull Squadron Veritech Fighter from the anime TV series Macross (aka: Robotech).

The set is in DSA family (short spherical top), all keys are on the same profile/angle; there are no rows (unlike the DCS family) and all keys can be mixed up to create less common layouts (colemak, azerty, qwertz, …).

The base set covers a standard tenkeyless Filco-like keyboard with the addition of non-homing (not-deep-dished) F and J.

Be sure to check the other kits in the same set! You will also find: modifiers to cover less common layouts, numpad, ISO kit and additional spacebars in 7/6.25/6 units.

The “60% Stripe” kit is specifically crafted for 60% keyboards. Without the function row you’d lose the BLACK/YELLOW/WHITE color combo, so you can grab this kit to get the Macross look’n’feel back!

The set includes 8 custom designed keys:
– Win/Super is replaced by the Macross logo
– Menu key has the Skull Squadron insignia
– ESC key reads EJECT
– Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause become respectively FTR, GRWLK, BTROID MODE
– Caps Lock reads: U.N.SPACY 001/VF-1S
– The numpad kit includes the Zentradi logo

Lastly, if you like the color scheme but you don’t want the Macross keys, I baked for you the “Boring Joe’s Kit” which includes non-themed keycaps.

The set is in ABS material with double-shot legends.

The ABS color codes are:

This is one of a kind, limited edition keycap set. I won’t run a second round for it. This is your only chance to grab this set :)



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- DSA Family (spherical top) - ABS Double-shot - All legends are centered and uppercase - Row-less profile covers less common keyboard layouts (colemak, qwertz, azerty, ...) - 8 custom designed keys

Fine Print:

  • The normal manufacturing lead-time will apply. After the buy closes, Signature Plastics will take 4-6 weeks to manufacture and ship the set to buyers (lead time may vary depending on order size and manufacturing availability).
- Colors and font in mock-up are merely to give a rough idea and do not represent the real finished product - The base set covers standard Filco-like TKL keyboards, the additional mods kit adds less common layouts. - Rember to grab additional 6.25u or 7u and 6u spacebars if you need them!

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$9Skull Squadron 60% Black Stripe

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$4.26Skull Squadron 6.25u Spacebar

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$7Skull Squadron Boring Joe’s Kit

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$22Skull Squadron Additional Mods

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$4.26Skull Squadron 7u Spacebar

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$5Skull Squadron 6u Spacebar

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$7Skull Squadron ISO kit

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$14Skull Squadron Numpad

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  1. Tyler Byrd says:

    I love this design!

  2. Oswaldt says:

    I really like what I see

  3. ideus says:

    This is just awesome. I just hope prices get a bit. I have ordered anyways.

  4. giyse says:

    I Hope Buy this keycap.

    How Purchased ?

    • Tyler Byrd says:

      Giyse add the base set and modifiers to your cart and then checkout via paypal. You won’t be charged until the deal closes, and then only if the deal meets the minimum order amount of 50 units.

  5. Doub says:

    Is there a space bar included in the base kit?

  6. Marzee says:

    How much does shipping to Germany cost? And what mods are included in the base set (if any)?

  7. giyse says:

    I Purchase now !!!! ^^;

    It is soon expected to receive.

  8. hoho1944 says:

    Matt, will you be extending the GB end date a little? Seems like yours is the first to get so close to the target and yet won’t reach it if there are only 5 days left…

    • matt3o says:

      dunno, I’ll talk with SP about that. I’ve got a feeling that this set will be produced anyway… (even if we don’t reach the 50 tier). But I need confirmation about that.

      • hoho1944 says:

        OK cool then. I was afraid it would be like “1 more…” and poof! it’s not made. Thanks for putting this up man!

  9. Galafried says:

    Was it normal for the shipping cost and shipping information to not show up on the last page? (in the US)

  10. mLocke says:

    Will it be printed as “Back Space” or “Backspace”?

  11. ati says:

    When I want to pay from my PayPal account, I get this message:

    “At this time, we are unable to process your request. Please return to Signature Plastics and try another option.”


  12. clavd1vs says:

    I have a Cooler Master QFR…will the base set fit all my keys?

  13. Nai says:

    Just came across this from /r/mechanicalkeyboards. Any chance of this group buy running again? Huge Robotech fan and the colour scheme is really really pretty!

  14. velocirabbit says:

    What font is used for the numbers and alphas?

  15. Brad says:

    Well this is unfortunate… the nicest looking key set I’ve seen anywhere and it’s not for sale.

  16. tonywong says:

    i like it very much
    hope re-sale again

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