RGB Modifiers in DSA – ABS

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If you purchase this deal you will only be charged the final group price, when the deal expires, and only if it reaches the tipping point (MOQ).

There is a lot of interest in the DSA profile lately but there are no commonly available RGB Modifiers kit that go with them. So I made this groupbuy and hopefully everyone that share the same passion in mechanical keyboards will be able to pimp it all out on their mechs. Thanks to Lowyat.net MKB thread, Geekhack, and r/mechanicalkeyboards for all their suggestions and feedback.

This set will be made using ABS DOUBLESHOT. And it will only be compatible with the standard layout keyboards. For WKL layout, please refer to the child’s set, RGB Modifiers in DSA Profile – WKL.

1.25u CTRL in RED(RA)
1.25u ALT in BLUE(BFK)


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  • The normal manufacturing lead-time will apply. After the buy closes, Signature Plastics will take 4-6 weeks to manufacture and ship the set to buyers (lead time may vary depending on order size and manufacturing availability).

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$24RGB Modifiers in DSA – WKL

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  1. velocirabbit says:

    What’s WKL layout?

    • error924 says:

      winkeyless layout are the ones that are using 1.5u CTRL and ALT. this layout is commonly used on old and/or new custom keyboards without the Windows key, and it also fits gaming keyboards like CM Storm Quickfire TK and Razer BWU.

  2. engicoder says:

    Any chance of adding a 1.75u CTRL to the child deal for those of us who swap replace CAPS LOCK with CTRL?

    • error924 says:

      so sorry but it can’t be included for this ongoing groupbuy. will definitely keep that in mind for future references. thanks mate

  3. tdc says:

    does this main buy include 2 ctrl and alt

  4. Tee says:

    in this “RGB Modifiers in DSA – ABS” (not WKL), it just has

    1 * 1.25u CTRL in RED(RA)
    1 * 1.25u ALT in BLUE(BFK)
    1 * 2.25u SHIFT in GREEN(VCS)
    1 * 2.75u SHIFT in GREEN(VCS)
    does it right??

  5. ApocalypseMaow says:

    has this shipped yet???

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